Real estate bonds Your path to a regular income

Real estate is clearly number one in the investment chart, and not just because they generally represent a long-term vision of certainty.

Real estate bonds are based on the solid foundations of real estate. Unlike alternative forms of investment, they are from the outset based on the fair value of the property.

  • 7% p.a. Bond Yield
  • 5 years of Maturity
  • 50 ths. CZK Face Value of the Bond
  • 24 mil. CZK Issued Emissions
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Investment amount CZK
Investment duration 5 years
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Increase in the offer price of apartments

Prices of real estate units have been rising for a long time. Prague is at the top of the chart. Prices of sold properties are thus above the national average.

Source: CSO

In which properties we invest

We invest in profitable real estate, which primarily serves to generate income. The key factor in our decision-making is the location,
concept of the project and its potential in the real estate market.


An exceptional location of the building is essential for all
projects of the VIHOREV Group. In the residential real estate segment, we focus on the realization of rental investment housing, especially the construction of serviced apartments.

The concept of projects

Serviced apartments allow you to both offer short-term accommodation and reach out to those interested in a medium and long-term stay, while offering premium service in the form of reception or cleaning. At the same time, it allows you to react flexibly to changes in the market demand and maximize the yield from the operated premises.

This concept is successfully proven in the world, as well as in the Czech Republic within our Honest Smíchov project, or in other projects such as Albertov or Luka Living.

3.2 % Prague 4Increase since 2010
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Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments have gained great popularity in recent years. They fill the gap between hotel accommodation and classic residential housing. Apartments can be used not only for short-term, but also for medium and long-term stays.

Advantages of serviced apartments

  • More space

    Serviced apartments are an attractive alternative for guests who appreciate more space and comfort. The average area of a hotel room is around 22 m². In contrast, the average size of an apartment room is 35 m².

    Chart of basic financial indicators

    Comparison of a 4 star hotel and a serviced apartment in millions of euros in Prague
  • Higher occupancy

    It provides the owners of serviced apartments with advantages in the form of higher occupancy of the building. The generated income is more stable, mainly thanks to the corporate clientele.

    Occupancy comparison chart

  • Lower operating costs

    The operating cost component for serviced apartments is much lower than that for a hotel, which makes it possible to generate higher profits.

    Development of the number of serviced apartments worldwide

Investment in real estate projects with bonds

A bond is a security, which obliges the company (issuer) to pay the bondholder the amount specified in the document, including the relevant interest, at a fixed date. The yield is generated on the basis of a transparent process.

Investment instrument yield comparison chart

Calculate your returns
Investment amount CZK
Investment duration 5 years
Annual revenue CZK
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Quarterly payout CZK

Why invest with us

Housing is a natural human need. That is why our investments are directed towards residential real estate, which ensures this basic need. The location plays a key role in the selection of a suitable development project. That is why we focus on the broader center of Prague and its surroundings.

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