Honest Karlín

Project of total revitalization and extension of the building in Prvního pluku Street. The building will serve as a modern apartment housing.

  • over 1 000 Total area
  • Prague 8, Karlín Location
  • 1Q 2023 Project finish date
  • 100 mil. CZK Total value of the investment

Current phase of the project

Building permit

  • Architectural study
  • Land-use authorization procedure
  • Building permit
  • Implementation of the construction
  • CO inspections

Location Karlín

Prague’s district Karlín has undergone significant development in recent decades and has been transformed into one of the most interesting and modern locations throughout Prague. It is attractive for housing and tourism, as well as for business and trade. Other development projects in the vicinity, such as Zaha Hadid’s Central Business District near Masaryk Railway Station, confirm the uniqueness of the whole site.

Selection of the Honest Karlín project

The project is located in the unique Karlín district of Prague. The very location was a huge advantage in choosing this project for our portfolio. At the same time, the focus of the project on apartment housing in the city center guarantees profit maximization.

Participate on this project in the center of Prague with us and join the investment opportunity

  • 34 Accommodation units in the basement and above-gorund floors of the building
  • 9 Accommodation units in building B

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