• 10+ years of experience
  • 12 038 m2 in the real estate portfolio
  • +950 mil. CZK worth of projects

Investment certainty is in real estate projects

Real estate satisfies one of our most basic human needs - shelter. It is linked to a vision of certainty and its market value rises in the long run. Over the past 20 years, the value of residential real estate in Prague has shown an average year-over-year growth of 9 % (CSO).

In the residential real estate segment, we focus on the realization of rental investment housing, especially the construction of serviced apartments. This flexible segment allows you to both offer short-term accommodation and reach out to those interested in a medium and long-term stay, while offering premium service.

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Let the numbers speak for us

We are growing steadily. Not only thanks to our team of experienced professionals who supervise the entire cycle of project implementation, but also thanks to the exceptional locations of our projects. We have increased our partners’ assets’ value by more than 7% per year.

Growth in the value of Vihorev Group’s total assets

Cumulative value of Vihorev Group projects in 2015–2020

Do you want to steadily grow with us?

With us, everyone will find a suitable option.

  • Real Estate bonds
    Minimum investment CZK 50 ths.

    Bond yield


    % p.a.

    Recomended investment horizon 4 years
  • Qualified investor fund
    Minimum investment CZK 1 mil.

    Bond yield


    % p.a.

    Recomended investment horizon from 3 years
  • Customized investment
    Minimum investment CZK 10 mil.

    Bond yield



    % p.a.

    Recomended investment horizon from 3 year


Monthly overview of key real estate market indicators

We now collect information from the real estate market and issue it as monthly reports. Look at the one from February.

18. 08. 2022

Special edition 2021

A special report summarizing data for 2021 is out! It summarizes the most important data from the environment of the economy, real estate and investments in the Czech Republic. Look back at 2021.

23. 03. 2022

Opening ceremony of a reconstruction of the Alfa Tower building

26th of August was a unique day for us. On this day we met to officially begin the reconstruction of the Alfa Tower building. It was possible to see the building in its original state for the very last time. Reconstruction work will last until the 2nd quarter of 2023. The building will serve as an apartment complex with coworking premises, a reception and will provide many other services.

27. 08. 2021

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