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You have the opportunity to enter development projects together with us as an investor and take advantage of custom possibilities for the appreciation of your funds. You can participate in some of our current or future projects.

Ongoing projects

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This is one of the flagship projects in our current portfolio. Reconstruction of Alfa Tower in Říčany into a modern multifunctional building.

  • 8 090 Total usable area
  • Říčany, Prague-East Location
  • 2Q 2024 Project finish date
  • over 350 mil. CZK Total value of the investment
Current phase: Implementation of the construction


Project of total revitalization and extension of the building in Prvního pluku Street. The building will serve as modern apartment housing.

  • over 1 000 Total usable area
  • Prague 8, Karlín Location
  • 1Q 2024 Project finish date
  • 100 mil. CZK Total value of the investment
Current phase: Completed

Why invest with us

We know that when it comes to investing, it is not easy to make a decision. Each of our investments goes through several decision-making phases, too. It is through our diligence, knowledge and expertise that we are able to provide the investor with an exclusive meeting, during which we will find a common solution to your individual needs.

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